Thinking about hardware

We’ve come up with a rough spec for kit.

  • Capacitive touchscreen (multitouch)
  • Android 2.3 or higher (for no better reason that what the two assessor are using on their phones and already know – no sense making more barriers than needed!  It’s an approach which has worked well for us before with things like WordPress)
  • 3G (for those occasions we’re out and about without wifi)
  • Camera & Video/Audio recording (essential for evidence gathering and more or less standard anyway)

We’re looking mid-range in terms of physical size – don’t want something that’s a big to cart around as a laptop, but do want something that offers enough extra screen real estate to offer a real advantage over  a phone.

A bit of background reading dropped into my inbox my coincidence the same day, about the Kindle Fire we’ve been hearing so much about.  Not entirely a positive review, but highlights some of the issues to be aware of.

As we intend to loan the kit out to learners we’ve also put ‘robust’ as a desirable quantity and we’re not looking to spend more than about £250 per tablet.

Getting learners involved from the get go we’ve set up a shared Google doc and set them off looking for quotes based on that spec!

Thought and experiences welcome…


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