Choosing apps – The Experiments…

The current Work in Progress list of apps we’re going to put on and try out.  We’ve compiled the list in a collaborative Google doc, as well as tweeting and blogging out requests for suggestions from learners and our various connections.  (Feel free to tell us your favourites too!)

QRDroid – QR code scanner.  I use Google Goggle for this myself, but this one scores very well in the marketplace and seems to have a bit more functionality – Reference for learners, and will do voice input so hopefully can be a spelling aid as well.  The voice input works better with some staff and produces the occasional bizarre output like “manhunt this month” for “assessment”!

MindMap Memo and Mindjet for Android – Several of us here at ITeC are hooked on mindmapping, using and Mind42 mainly, neither of which have an app so I looked for alternatives.  There are hundreds so these choices are a bit pot luck, but on there because I liked the ease of creation of new links with MindMap Memo (just swish your finger from an existing node) and the fact the Mindjet will export in a heirachical text format – something I use a lot.  Would be particularly interested to hear what others have found useful here

DroidScanLite – Integrates with the camera to turn snaps of documents etc into PDFs or images and share them to various services.

Wunderlist – Shared task scheduling.  The plan it to have a list per learners that both they and the assessor can add targets, tasks and comments too. Thing recently marked as completed show up in a special section so can be viewed by the assessor and checked (and marked as not complete after all if needed!).  Has both web and app interface and will integrate with a Facebook account if wanted saving a bit of setup.

Evernote – I seem to be behind the game on this one, I know loads of people who swear by it and it gets loads of coverage but I’ve never used it.  It might prove to do some of the things we’ve looked at other apps for.


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