Shopping for tablets at BETT

Yesterday will had our semi-regular trip to the BETT Show, this year with a fairly clearer than normal aim in mind – we wanted Android tablets…

The selection being offered was a bit smaller than expected, and of the three stands we mainly looked at (Samsung, Toshiba, and Lenovo) everyone seemed to have wheeled out the big guns for demonstration rather than their entry level offerings.

We were fairly tempted to change tack slightly and admired an exceptionally large smartphone from Samsung, a 5″ Galaxy Note – small enough to use onehanded but big enough for fairly easy reading, web browsing, and form filling. The Galaxy Tab devices at 10″ were lovely but unfortunately they wouldn’t be drawn on price, they work entirely through resellers and I suspect it might be well outside the planned budget unless they do a smaller version.

Toshiba offered a software management tool with the tablets to enable distribution of sets of apps and management and lockdown of access to web, marketplace etc which looked potentially useful as a time saving in getting set up.  The AT100 was around the £290 mark – a little higher than we’d planned but a bigger formed factor than we’d expected in the budget.  Fairly tempting.

Lenovo had a lovely handwriting interface integrated with Docs To Go which had very good recognition and a very slick looking setup but topped out the budget as the most expensive we looked at.

All of them ‘beeped up’ with the barcode badges to send more information, so a bit more browsing over the current week should bring us to a decision.


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