Looking at the Lenovo tablets

This is a quick combination of trying out the video feature and looking at the first tablet choices we’ve bought in (A Lenovo Thinkpad tablet 10inch).

It came out very quiet so sorry about that-  Should have experimented with the mic setting first probably.  Hopefully it will work without a dedicated mic – recording ad hoc videos is one of the main things we want to do with them!  I also need to keep my eyes open until AFTER stopping the recording.

Well, some fiddling with the setting on the in built mic has not produced much improvement which is a shade disappointing.  It’s a bit better with the dedicated audio recording software and with the clip on collar mic that came with it, but the need to faff with that could be a drawback when using it for recording learners in the workplace and definitayel for doing recorded discussions with more than one person which is one of the main uses we hope to put it to.  I don’t think it’s the Lenovo specifically here – the little Acer that I only just started playing with has the same issue.

This is from the Lenovo using Soundcloud with the clip on mic.


In fact my phone seems to pick up better than either.  Perhaps by the nature of it – phones being designed to talk on after all!  Below clip is from my phone (Samsung Galaxy Ace with Soundcloud, no mic)

On the plus side the web access is very good on the Lenovo, all the various media, embedded calendars, video, Prezis all play without fuss.  Should be an interesting few months getting these embedded.



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