Settings for usability

Spent a bit of time fiddling with the settings as there were some slightly odd choices.  The wifi on the Lenovos appears to have a tendency to switch itself off and not come back to life properly when the tablet goes to sleep.  The annoying thing is it doesn’t actually report dropping the connection – the icon stays lit – you just lose connectivity.  Disabling and reenabling the wifi cures it.  Until next time! The advanced network settings were buried somewhat and we had to look them up to find the possible fix.  Switching off the option to disable wifi when sleeping will hopefully cure it.  There was also an option to never disable it when connected to a particular SSID.

Another setting which looked useful but rather baffled me was the automatic brightness option.  (And for ‘automatic’ read ‘random!).   In theory this automatically sets the brightness based on the ambient light levels.  In practice it made the screen fade to dim at random moments and after doing some background reading might also have been responsible for the screen blackout during setup which I’d put down to not giving it a thourough enough charge before starting.

None of these issues are really deal breakers especially as both assessors using the devices are fairly comfortable with IT issues, but they could be offputting when giving the devices to less confident users.


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