The importance of Date and Time!

The Moment of Bafflement for the day was provided by the Google Play application (formerly Android Market) on the 7inch Acer tablet  suddenly deciding to report “No Connection”.

Odd.  Browser working okay.

Disconnected and reconnected the wireless, no help.  Turned it off an on again, no help.

Off to Google itself then where it turns out it’s probably a date and time setting error.  “Oh yes, “thinks I, I haven’t used it sine the clocks went forward.  Wonder why it doesn’t set automatically, most things do.

In fact it wasn’t just out by an hour it was right out and thought it was 2009.  Presumably this happened at some point when the battery was left to go flat (this is happening a lot – they’re not getting charged in any sort of organised way at present, my desk frequently looks like an outlets of Maplins with kit scattered everywhere in various stages of connection to PC or power))

Changed it to pick up time and date from network and found the right timezone and back came the Market Play

One to keep an eye out for though.  The error message gave no clues whatsoever!


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