Android 4 Day course in Aberystwyth

Software Alliance Wales were offering this course which was aimed at both experienced and new software developers in order to give an overview of the Android OS and creation of apps.

Not having done more than the occasional potch with someone else’s code ever since dropping out of a comp sci course at uni a number of years ago I think it’s fair to say I was firmly in the second bracket!

There were ten on the course in total, with a range of experience including those familiar with Java, which the Android apps programming system is heavily based on, through experienced coders who hadn’t done Java but were confident in other languages.

The balance was good between theory and practice also the timescales were sufficiently tight that a lot of the practical sessions ran over in the next one and we also left with quite a lot of unfinished examples.  It would perhaps have been better to break the four days into two lots of two, in order to allow time for digesting the materials and having a more thorough ‘play’ with the examples.  Of course this would also have meant two lots of trolling down to Aber, which is a bit of a headache and doubly so on public transport.

A huge range was covered and we all agreed that the most important things was the awareness of what can be done.  The fine details of syntax and design can be looked up or dealt with afterwards.

Am I going to go straight out and write the next killer app?  Nope.  But I certainly want to experiment more and try a few things out.


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