Project Apps

An overview of what we’re using…  They’re all free bar Docs To Go which came bundled with the tablets.

All of the following are Android apps.  We plan in the future to produce a rough equivalent for Apple devices.

Currently in use…


App What it does What we’re doing with it
Google Mail Email… well you wouldn’t expect anything else! We have a Apps for Domains account with a .student subdomain so we can offer all of our learners an ITeC email account.
Google Docs Collaborative, online document, spreadsheet and presentation editing
  • Sharing of files with version control ‘issues’  or which require multiple editors.
  • Collaborative ‘live’ agendas and minutes of meetings
  • Google Forms for learner / employer surveys, and data collection by learners for Application of Number projects
Google Maps Integrates Google Maps with the onboard GPS Locating learner workplaces.
DocsToGo Free (Viewer only)

DocsToGo (paid upgrade for full editing £9.99)

Mobile office software compatible with Microsoft Office.  Will integrate with Google Docs and Dropbox Learner reviews and NVQ observations using an adapted version of our existing Word based forms.
DropBox Allows synchronisation of files across multiple devices through cloud storage Trainee review and NVQ observations in conjunction with DocsToGo
Diigo Powernote Social bookmakring and web research tool using highlighting and virtual sticky notes to annotate webpages.
  • Providing evidence of reading and summarising for Essential Skills Communications projects
  • Providing evidence of researching online for ESW ICT Projects
  • Allowing learners to share favourites across multiple devices.
Seesmic Social media software, can integrate feeds from Twitter, Facebook and others
  • Keeping on top of multiple social media accounts!
  • Live tweeting from conferences and events.
Wunderlist Collaborative Task Management software
  • Create learner ‘to do list’ which can be shared threeways between learner, tutors and workpalce supervisors.
  • Allowing other tutors to easy see at a glance what learners other than their own have to do when covering
  • Obtain information for Targets page of review, and the mandatory elements of the Diplomas which include professional development standards
Evernote & Widget Extremely hard to sum up in a sentence!  “Note taking” is the simplest but doesn’t really cover it – you can add pictures, weblinks, uploaded files, handwritten notes, types notes and search and group them however you like.
  • Initial research for the project!
  • Collecting workplace evidence of different types.
Firefox Web browser To replace the default browser which didn’t work well with our Moodle.

The rest of the apps we’ve installed ‘with a plan’ but haven’t started using yet.  This list will slowly get merged with the ‘in use’ list over the course of the project!


App What it does What we plan to do with it
Googles QR code reader assorted other functions like visual search, a certain level of OCR from photographs Link paper portfolios to online one with QR Codes?
SoundCloud & Rehearsal Assistant Allows comments to be left linked to specific points on the recording.
Soundcloud can be shared online and embedded into websites/blogs/Moodle etc.
Ease the paperwork / timestamp burden of recording professional discussions
Skitch &
Photoshop Express
Image editing.  Skitch is particularly fast and easy.
Both allow taking photos with the onboard camera to edit
Allow recording and annotating of learner workplace evidence. Electronic dictionary.  Can be used voice activated. Allow learner to speak a word to find the meaning / spelling
MindMap Memo &
Mindjet for Android
Mindmapping software Support project planning and revision.
MaharaDroid Upload directly from device to Mahara portfolio Allow quick access to electronic portfolio.



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